Turn great business ideas into offers that your customers can't ignore

Never again feel you are pressed for time, don’t have great communication skills to sell, market or strategize properly. I’m here to do it for you.

Is this you?

Some of these statements may describe your unique situation.

You don't want to hire a full-time marketing / business writer.

Even though you feel you have plenty of writing requirements, you feel you’re not ready to hire a full-timer yet and absorb the overheads. 

You are finding it difficult to hire a great writer.

It’s easy to find writers who can steadily dish out SEO-friendly articles. But finding someone who is willing to invest in understanding your business, its growth potential and is also committed to its success – is a rare find. There are not many in the market. 

You have trouble selling your offering.

Your product or service is awesome. People pay for it happily. But not many prospective customers know about it. You want to level up your marketing and reach more folks. 


I can help in three business areas. Strategy, Sales & Marketing.


What I can develop for you

Get result-oriented content for the following

Website content

Brochures & flyers

Email marketing

Market research


Landing pages

Prabu will help you land new projects, connect with new clients, and assist in expanding your business. His writing and case study efforts for my firm resulted in immediate and quantifiable results. His case study provided tremendous unique pageviews, new visitors to my site for the case study, one of the lowest bounce rates of any article on my site, along with the highest average time on page for my readers. The faster you engage his services, the sooner you can see the results of his effort.

– Tim Forrest, America’s leading food marketing consultant