What Has Influenced and Affected Me

Let’s unwind a bit today. It’s not necessary to be thinking about business – growth – marketing – strategies all the time. Now and then let’s relax, let go, get a bit philosophical and gently watch how our body and mind are drifting naturally. It helps.

Today I’m also going to tell you know a little bit about me – as a person. I never cared much for sharing my story, thinking that I’m just a speck in the whole magnitude of life. But that understanding has evolved: I’m still a speck, but a speck this time wanting to connect with other specks and create a lot of buzzing vibrations. If you’re not interested in all that personal backstory, just archive this post – I’ll be back with regular programming tomorrow.

It’s not always about money
Frankly, I’ve come to realize that spending time with the people you love respect adore is more important and valuable than all wealth we hope to accumulate in our lives. Trust me, it will do a lot of good. And we badly need that.

Do something you enjoy everyday
I’m enjoying writing these emails daily. I feel I’m connecting with a few people that matter to me regularly. I’ve always believed that I owe at least that much to my friends, customers, and folks simply want me to be okay. Each one who gets these mails falls into one or more of those categories. I’m grateful for that. I don’t know about you, but I’m really enjoying your company. If that feeling is not mutual, please feel free to unsubscribe. How I feel towards you will not change one bit.

Morty Lefkoe, Leo Babauta, the Buddha, Louise Hay
What I’ve learnt from the above three characters has made a lasting impact in my life. While I’ve learnt different things from these people – one lesson is common: how to be gentle and accepting of myself wholly.

Morty showed me that nothing is really wrong me. Anyone who is in my position would have, most likely, made the same decisions I made. He has bloody good processes to internalize this understanding and burn it in your bones. Check outwww.mortylefkoe.com.

Leo Babauta has taught the value and beauty of being contented with whatever little (or more) you have. His book ‘The Little Book of Contentment’ teaches some valuable life skills that will leave you and the folks around a little more happier and lot less stressed out. Check out this free book here.

Louise Hay has some powerful teachings on self-love and self-transformation. She has found the thought patterns that cause disease in the body. Pretty revealing. Learn more in You Can Heal Your Life.

The Buddha continues to impart his wisdom whenever he opens his mouth. Recently he quite skillfully showed there’s nothing wrong or bad about wanting to become wealthy. In fact, it is a desirable thing. Read the section titled His Dislike of Poverty.

That’s it for today. Did something resonate with you?

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