The Only Goals for a Business Website

Today, I want to talk about all the possible reasons for building a business website. Know your reasons before you build one, and you’ll save time, money and plenty of headache for one and all.

These are the only reasons to build a website for your business. There is no other good reason to build one that’s not on this list. Isn’t that a huge relief? It was for me.

  • Advertise your products / services on the Internet. Sometimes you’ll want to run PPC ad campaigns through Google Adwords, Bing Ads and the like. If you do that you’ll need what’s called a landing page. You need a website, ideally with your own domain name, to hold these landing pages. This is a very good reason to build a website.
  • Build an email list. You learned that building an email list is one the smartest way to generate high quality leads, by making irresistible offers to your readers from time to time. Email marketing also helps you be on top of your audience’s mind. Yes, you need a website where people can subscribe to your email list.
  • Showcase success stories. This will help you build confidence in your offerings and attract customers in similar situation. This can become a powerful persuasion machine. And where will these success stories reside: inside your corporate website, of course.
  • Muliply effectiveness of your superstar salesperson. Perhaps you have a sales ninja in your payroll. He is a master at sales persuasion and winning  new orders at will. How you do hire one more person like him – for free? Did you say that you’ll simply present his sales pitch on your website? You are a smart kiddo. Proud to have you around.
  • Reach new markets affordably. If you can’t afford set up one office in each country, how can you still manage to attract the right market living in those countries? Well, when you put up a website you just have opened up your business to virtually everyone in this world. If your product is worthy of a worldwide, world-class clientele, it’s a no-brainer to set a website.
  • Sell on your own terms. You don’t necessarily need a website to sell your stuff. You can use PayPal (with email), Amazon, Ebay, Gumroad and a ton of other platforms to sell your stuff – on their terms. If you like to play by your own rules, run your crazy marketing campaigns and avoid expensive platform fees, your best bet is a website that you can call your own.
  • Showcase your skills. If you’re a creative, freelancer or other professional who are on their own, you’ll need a place to tell the world how valuable your work is. A website is a must-have in these cases, to attract high impact, low maintenance, well-paying projects.
  • Be the expert. “Everyone’s an expert”, asserted my favourite mentor Seth Godin. If you want to be the expert, you need to demonstrate your expertise often. A blog is an ideal platform to do that. Through blog articles you can share your knowledge in a variety of formats: text, videos, pictures, PDFs, and so on. If you’re determined to be an expert in your little (or large) corner, you definitely need a website.
  • Generate leads. If you want to set up a 24-hour lead generation system how will you do it? The easiest way I know of is to offer something valuable to your ideal customers in exchange for their attention. You do that by offering a digital piece: ebook, white paper, free consult for their email address. Host your irresistible offer on your website, and you can expect it to work for you.

The above categories constitute the only three goals a business website can have:

  • Education
  • Lead generation
  • Sales

Ideally, every business website should have address all the three goals for maximum effectiveness. But even one is sufficient to build your business. At least one is required. 

Please do NOT build a website for one of these reasons:

  • “My competitors have a website. I guess I should have one.” That’s a guess; not a business strategy. Start with a deeper why.
  • “I’ll look outdated if I don’t have a website.” Happy customers and a valuable product build a business, not a snazzy website. You can easily recall at least five businesses in your neighbourhood that mint money like anything and don’t have any web or site.
  • “My brother-in-law runs a web design shop. I can get something for real cheap.” You know how it goes – the cheap things I mean. This is not a good enough reason to spend valuable hours of your life.
  • “Don’t I really need a home on the web?” No, you don’t. The web is just an accelerator, force multiplier. If you generate enough business without the web, I assure you you are doing just fine.
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