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My Thought Process As I Redesign My Website Homepage

I’m revamping my website – starting with the homepage first. As I was thinking through it, I came up with a list of concepts that will help me do it well. I wanted to share the same with you in the hope that they will be handy to you as well.

Let’s divvy up the discussion into three main topics:

  1. Common elements
  2. Designing a blog-based website homepage
  3. Designing an offer-based website homepage

Common Elements

  • Give the reader as many entry points as possible to access the information (like blog, pricing, how it works) they seek.
  • Feature current promotions.
  • Link to a resource center.

Blog-Based Website Homepages

  • Clearly outline the benefits of subscribing to the blog
  • A highlight of the most popular content on the blog
  • To build confidence in the blog author, add credibility boosters in the form of testimonials, number of readers, industry recognitions, blog badges, etc.
  • Primary call to action: subscribe to blog updates
  • Secondary call to action: read through the archives

Offer-based Website Homepages

The primary function of the homepage is to send the reader to the next best page on the website that will move them through the sales funnel.

  • If the website offers a single product or service, list the top three benefits and features. Add a link to the detail page, which lists all the information a prospect would require.
  • If the website sells many products and services, briefly describe each product and service, and linking to their respective detail pages.
  • To build confidence in the organization, add some testimonials, case studies, client logos.
  • Primary calls to action could be ‘Learn more’ or ‘Sign up for a free / trial account’, ‘Watch a demo’.
  • Secondary calls to action could be for downloading a free digital resource like ebook, learning more about a product / service, signing up for a free webinar.

I hope this will offer a good starting point to thinking about your homepage redesign, when you get to it.

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