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Three Growth Tactics That Work Like Charm On LinkedIn

I hope you're already convinced with LinkedIn as a wonderful B2B marketing tool. Today I want to share three ways you can use to accelerate your lead gen, grow your network, and build your authority on LinkedIn.

[1] The Case Study Tactic

This tactic is designed to pull a steady stream of your ideal prospects towards your business. You first put together a case study that illustrates how you've helped a certain type of business. Then you go to LinkedIn and find similar businesses. You connect with them and present your case study. You then invite them for a 15-20 min call. You promise to keep the conversation friendly, helpful and less salesy. This strategy has generated hundreds of targeted leads and sales worth over million dollars.

[2] A Better Tactic To Grow Your Network Faster

When you use LinkedIn search to find targeted leads, you might bump into several people who share a common connection with one of your contacts. The LinkedIn recommended approach is to ask your common friend to introduce you to the other person (that you want to connect with). This generally works so-so because they have to draft the intro mail themselves, think of mutually beneficial reasons to connect with you, etc.

Instead what you can do is: write a note to your common friend that you're going to use their name to connect with the target connection. Then you send a direct connection request to your target, marking them as a 'friend' and mentioning your common friend. This simple tweak guarantees you get more connections faster.

[3] The Top of Mind Tactic To Become A Preferred Partner

Regardless of what new marketing tool, platform, strategy or tactic might be trending, one thing has a been a constant for years. Everyone likes to do business with people that are familiar to them. Familiarialy beats price, solution, packaging and other shortcomings. It's a good idea to start becoming familiar with your target market.

That's exactly what this tactic achieves for you.

[1] Join a few groups where your target market hangs out.
[2] List out 4-6 topics they're concerned about and where you can help.
[3] Write or cull several articles that address the primary concerns identified above.
[4] Schedule them - one per day - to be posted on the groups identified in step 1, and as status messages.
[5] Do this for the whole month in two-three sittings.

You're now getting elevated slowly to the top-of-the-mind awareness of your market for the problems you can solve.

There are dozens of other tactics that we use to market with LinkedIn. If you're interested to learn more and sign up for a customized LinkedIn marketing service that delivers targeted leads and generates solid revenues on a monthly basis