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Become an Awesome Client that Copywriters Adore

Yes, it’s an art.

Great copywriters are hard to be found. It’s even more harder to have your best copywriter working on all your projects. Mostly because they’re booked months in advance and they don’t prefer to work full time for a single client and they have a long wait list.

There’s a way to make the best copywriter wrap up other projects to make time for your project – whenever you want. They will even be willing to work at a lower cost sometimes. I call this strategy sneaking into their good books. When you succeed with it, your best copywriter will want to work on your project just for the privilege.

This is the essence of how you become their favorite client: give them a full brief.

A brief is complete when it answers all the questions they have about your product, market place, audience, competition, alternatives, pricing, USP, and more.

Your brief will include the following:

  • Previous marketing literature about the product (product ads, brochures and direct mail pieces, company annual reports, speeches and PowerPoint presentations, press kits, technical papers, sales reports, video scripts, competitive ads, previous digital campaigns)
  • Memos about the product created by the marketing team
  • Technical specifications and diagrams
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • White papers about the product
  • Competitive information

Voice of Customer (VOC) Data
All the info, insights and feedback you’ve received from

  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Existing customers
  • Free-to-paid customers
  • Past customers
  • Users
  • Visitors

Questions they want answers for

  • What is the most effective application of the product/service?
  • Does the product have a track record that can be touted?
  • What are the product’s primary features?
  • What are the consumer benefits that correspond with these features?
  • What are the product benefits that differentiate the product from its competition?
  • What is the real-world human value provided by the product?
  • What are the competitors’ perceived weaknesses of the product?
  • Who is the specific target audience for the piece(s) you are writing?
    • Is it Joe Public?
    • Is it retail outlets?
    • Is it other manufactures?
  • What is the specific purpose of each marketing piece?
    • Is it for generating leads?
    • Is it to generate phone sales?
    • Is it collateral that a sales representative will leave behind after a one-on-one sales call?

Awareness and sophistication levels

  • What is the awareness level of the reader about the problem?
  • How sophisticated is the target audience?

Your preferences

  • What you like about your marketing communication?
  • Where does it fall short?
  • Is there a specific competitor you think does it well? Who is it?
  • What you want them to change?
  • What you don’t want them to touch?
  • What other related assistance do you need to ship out this project without stressing you out?

Give yourself sufficient time to gather all this info and keep them ready for the upcoming project.

That’s the recipe for briefing your copywriter and becoming his favorite client. This saves your copywriter time, and he can get productive in as little as a couple of days.

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