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What does your business vanity mirror show?

Yesterday, I saw for the first time in my life a vanity mirror, which shows your face with 5x magnification. The mirrors are available in various configurations: 3x-7x. It was a lot of fun to see my face in such close detail. I spotted a couple of things in my teeth that need immediate attention.

When I asked my friends to take a look, it made them repel – they didn’t like what they saw.

Which brings me to today’s question for you – what is it that your business vanity mirror shows that you’d rather not see? There must be something that you have been pushing under the carpet forever. What is it: Is it your website copywriting, product mix, keeping in touch with partners, revising the pricing plan, streamlining the sign up process, making a content marketing plan – what?

Get it off your chest and tell me what it is. I’ll do my best to link up with the right people who can help you quickly. You really don’t need to be struggling so much. I want you to start experiencing a breath of relief.

Send your reply now.