Work While You Sleep (Or 7 SaaS Autoresponder Ideas To Boot)

Autoresponders are emails that are sent out automatically based on a certain condition. The condition is of two types: [1] time-based [2] event-based.

They are also called drip emails, transactional emails or trigger-based emails. They offer some of the best ways to

  • Automate your marketing
  • Bring back idle users back to your fold
  • Give more value to paid users, make more money and create even more value.

I’d like to prime you about the different marketing and sales opportunities that exist with autoresponders. It will help you come up with even more awesome, appropriate, dollar-heavy ideas.

If you get good with this, it’s like opening the floodgates of sales… without having a big salesforce.

Are you ready?

1. Plenty of idle users? Let’s bring them back

Users had lots of hopes with your product when they signed up (for a trial), and for some reason their interest levels waned down. And they stopped logging back in. Let’s bring them back by infusing hope. What better way is there than to inspire them with a case study or two? So, when your users haven’t logged in for more than x days, send out an jaw-dropping case study and see their engagement level reach a high.

2. Upselling smarts.

Active users indicate that they’re deriving great value from your product / service. Create a set of relevant offers and trigger them in your autoresponder. Track which ones catch their attention, and send more relevant information and offers in the future.

3. Coupons

When their trial is about to expire, consider sending out a time-limited discount coupon.

4. Celebrate their wins

With your SaaS offering, you can track your customer successes easily – even if they don’t do it. These could be signing up their 100th customer, closing the largest deal in the quarter, completing 100 days with your product, and so on. Create autoresponders to congratulate them and they will start associating their high points with you… which is good.

5. Coach them to success

If you can break down the journey with your app into multiple stages, every user, then, is on a specific stage. Write autoresponder mails that clarify the next stage, show how to complete the next stage and tell them what lies ahead. It’s like being their coach, without spending a great deal of personal time.

TIP: You can also create an tiny email series when users are stuck on a particular stage for unusally long time.

6. Collect great stories

Nothing works wonders to your marketing like success stories. When your user has achieved something significant with your SaaS offering, send out an automatic email asking for a case study or a testimonial.

7. Reactivation

Idle or dormant user accounts have become that either because they have found a better solution or their needs have changed. There’s a neat autoresponder solution to address both the reasons. Send out a short note about significant app updates (3-5) in the last quarter. Send this email once in three months. Remember to use a really-important sounding subject line. This tiny effort has the power to transform your reactivation efforts.

Inspire us by sharing your own autoresponder ideas with us. The SaaS community will become richer with your insights.

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