Our work at Paretoid can be described in several ways:

  • We work ambitious tech startups to enliven their online marketing communications.
  • We produce instantly respectable and relatable B2B marketing communications using proven copywriting techniques.
  • We always work on the high-impact activities that deliver results in the shortest time.
  • We work specifically with tech players in the healthcare industry (though we have experience working in a wide variety of industries ranging from Retail, Food & Beverage, to IT Services.)

Prabu Rajasekaran runs Paretoid Consulting. Paretoid is a 60% outsourced operation. We believe that ideas are the currency in the new economy and to truly make yours a stand-out organization it is our job to have world-class experts work on your projects. That’s what we enable at Paretoid.

What is Paretoid?

Paretoid is a term coined from Pareto Principle, which states that the easiest way to improve any system (marketing, operations, sales, distribution and so on) is to identify the high-impact contributors and then to exclusively improve it while ignoring all the other factors. Pareto Principle even has an estimate of the number of high-impact variables in ANY system: 20% factors cause 80% of the impact.

Our job at Paretoid is to identify the activities that deliver you the maximum marketing ROI in the shortest time possible, and then to give those to you.